At just 5 years old and the proud owner of his first bike, Jürgen had his first flat tire. He asked his father if he would fix the tire, but his father refused and told him, "No, you have to do it yourself."

While he didn’t get the help he was hoping for, his father taught him the value of hard work, independence, and doing things by hand. This lesson propelled him into his career of manufacturing.

Throughout his teenage years, he began to tinker. He learned how to tune engines, repair gearboxes, and paint cars. Early in his career, Jürgen went on to work for world-class engineering companies like the SCHOELLER Group (specialty paper) and PORSCHE (R&D-center for sports cars), shaping his experience in the manufacturing industry.

His university studies leveraged his passion for building, with degrees in industrial engineering, management, and business information systems. His experience provided him with the well-rounded knowledge he used to found ABRAMS Industries.


Even when starting a company in the face of more than 60 competitors, he had a market-moving vision; at the time no supplier cared about the real technical and commercial needs of the customer, and that's exactly what ABRAMS Industries was built to change.


In less than 100 sqft, in the basement of a local apartment building, with lots of ideas, surrounded by sticky notes on cupboards, he developed the business model for the first six months. This business model is what built the great team now at ABRAMS Industries, our partner network of steel mills, and the amazing customers we have developed, reaching all the way from industrial global corporations to small businesses.

Based on our steel expertise, ABRAMS Industries developed software and smartphone applications that allow for the selection of the perfect steel for industrial applications. The software is and will remain free to use.

The ABRAMS Industries steel guide has been installed tens of thousands of times on multiple platforms.

“My personal motivation is that this software helps as many people as possible in the industry to develop even better components, e.g. in stamping tools. For this reason, I decided to make the software application available to everyone completely free of charge.”


ABRAMS Industries is an independent family business, which is critical to long-term success in an industry dominated by quarter-to-quarter decision-making. ABRAMS Industries thinks long-term, as in generations.

Hands-on mentality, reliability, and trustworthiness are the core principles Dr. Abrams instills in ABRAMS Industries, and by no accident, what our business partners particularly appreciate.

Remember, even a flat tire can lead to something extraordinary.