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  •   Precision in
    • Tool Steel
    • High Speed Steel
    • Stainless Steel (corrosion / acid resistant)
    • Heat-Treatable Steel
    • Case Hardening Steel
  •   44 steel grades with more than 53,000 items
  •   in 13 categories (imperial as well as metric sizes)
    • Precision Ground Flat Stock, regular / oversize
    • $mart Flat Stock - Standardized Precision Blanks
    • Hard Flat Metric - Hardened Standardized Blanks
    • EDM Block - hardened
    • Drill Rod - Precision Round Bars
    • Cold Finished Rounds - Precision Round Bars
    • Decarb Free Rounds - Oversize Round Bars
  •   No minimum order value or quantity
  •   Specials on request
  •   Same day shipping (subject to availability)
  •   From our Production Site / Warehouse in Illinois, U.S.A.

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Flat Steel
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