Round Steel - Round Bars in 3 types of finishes

Precision and reliability are essential in the world of the steel industry.

The ABRAMS Industries® Round Steel Portfolio is characterized by its exceptional quality and versatility and includes highly specialized steel products.

Round steel plays a crucial role in various fields of metal processing and mechanical engineering.

round steel 3 types of round bars

Each type of steel round bar possesses specific properties and processing characteristics that makes it ideal for certain applications.


• Decarb Free Round Steel
• Cold Finished Round Steel
• Drill Rods Round Steel

The range of alloyed steels includes highly specialized products that have been specifically developed for demanding applications. Each of these solid Round Steel Bars are the result of decades of innovation and unwavering dedication to quality, which you can feel in every segment of our portfolio.

Round Steel - Decarb Free

Decarb Free Round Steel is a steel product that has been specially treated to minimize surface decarburization. The result is a steel with uniform carbon distribution and without softer, decarburized layers on the surface of the round rod.

Decarburization occurs when steel is exposed to high temperatures and loses carbon at the surface. This reduces hardness and wear resistance. Under controlled conditions, this effect is minimized.

Therefore, Decarb Free Steel is ideal for applications where high surface hardness and precision are required, for example, in the manufacture of precision parts in the automotive or aerospace industry.

Round Steel - Cold Finished

Cold Finished Round Steel is a steel that is first hot rolled and then subjected to a cold processing procedure. Cold processing includes processes such as cold drawing or rolling at room temperature. This improves the dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and mechanical properties of the steel.

Cold Finished Round Steel is also characterized by higher strength and better surface quality compared to hot rolled steel. 

Round Steel - Drill Rods

Drill Rod Round Steel is the ultimate in versatility and durability. Drill Rods are decarburization-free and specifically designed to withstand the extreme conditions of drilling and cutting operations.

By using high-quality alloyed steels and adhering to the strictest manufacturing standards, our Drill Rods offer exceptional hardness, toughness, and wear resistance.


While Decarb Free Round Steel is valued for its minimized surface decarburization and associated high surface hardness, Cold Finished Round Steel is distinguished by improved dimensional accuracy and surface quality achieved through cold finishing processes.

Drill Rods, on the other hand, offer specialized properties such as wear resistance and toughness for the manufacturing of precision tools. The choice between these steel types depends significantly on the specific requirements of the application and the desired properties of the final product.