ABRAMS steel and elegance perfectly combined - stainless steel chain pendant.

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The journey of the ABRAMS steel jewelry pendant continues.

The quality of our products is always the most important thing!

It is always great to see what amazing products are created from ABRAMS Premium Steel®.

In our previous article, we told you the fascinating story of how jewelry manufacturer Erosch turned our Premium Steel into 3D chain pendants. Today, we'd like to take you on the next leg of that journey and show you how these jewelry pieces are packaged before they arrive at our office, and we get to unpack them. 

Dive into the wonderful world of our steel!

What makes ABRAMS Industries® so special?

We offer 40 steel grades in 53.000 items and saw, mill and grind to desired dimensions. This makes it even easier and more effective to process our material, saving both money and time.

Order only what you need directly in our online store. There is no minimum order value and no minimum order quantity for your steel or aluminum products, this way our customers save unnecessary warehousing costs and can concentrate on their core business. 

Our production site and warehouse are located in Bolingbrook, Chicago, which means the material is shipped on the same day (subject to availability). 

Which steel is suitable for jewelry? 

Our steel is synonymous with quality, durability, and longevity, and is so versatile that the right grade and dimension of steel is offered for every project. 

Our 304 Stainless Steel is best suited when making jewelry from steel. This is a corrosion-resistant, austenitic chromium-nickel steel, is easy to work and has an attractive appearance when polished to a mirror finish. This all-rounder for jewelry making is weldable, wear-resistant and has good deep-drawing properties.

The ABRAMS steel pendant made from 304 Stainless Steel is ready: now what?

You can find the process from our 304 Stainless Steel to the finished 3D pendant here: ABRAMS Industries® - the steel supplier even for the jewelry industry.

When the pendant is finished,
the chain is inserted and the
bending ring is closed tightly.

The chain is ready. The ring
bends up only under a heavy
load, to protect the pendant
and chain.

Now the chain with
the pendant is secured
in an eco-grass box.

Special customers get an
original Erosch transport bag.

Everything is then packed in an
FSC shipping box and sealed.

Equipped with a silicone-free
sticker, it's off to the customer!

After only one day, the order arrives at ABRAMS Industries® 
and we are delighted to unpack it!

The pendant, made of our 304 Stainless Steel, is the perfect blend of our high quality steel and the elegance of jewelry. The following video is a testament to the perfection that goes into each and every pendant - from the fabrication of the steel to the creation of the stainless steel jewelry pendant.

Every curved line, every sparkling detail is brought to life by the unique properties of our steel, and it makes it possible for customers to enjoy it for a very long time. Thus, the strength and durability of our material ensure that these jewelry pieces will be a part of many memorable moments for a long time.

Das fertige Endprodukt aus ABRAMS PREMIUM Stahl® from ABRAMS Industries® on Vimeo.

The collaboration between steel supplier ABRAMS Industries® and jewelry manufacturer Erosch. 

What makes our partnership special is the fact that our steel is an environmentally friendly alternative in the jewelry industry. We put great emphasis on sustainability and are proud that our steel is not only of high quality, but also helps to boost the domestic economy. Local production and short delivery routes ensure that jewelry lovers can enjoy the pieces with a clear conscience. 

In this way, we not only support each other, but also play a part in boosting the economy. 

We are incredibly happy to share this success story, to show people how special steel can be. Our precision steel in particular is perfect for getting the smallest of projects done accurately and effectively. 

Many thanks to Boris Müller and Erosch for the great cooperation!
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