ABRAMS Industries® - the steel supplier even for the jewelry industry.

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Have you ever wondered about all the things that are made from our ABRAMS PREMIUM STEEL®?

We at ABRAMS Industries® value the working relationship with our customers very much and it is always a pleasure to see what end products are made from our PREMIUM steel.

ABRAMS Industries® offers 44 steel grades in 53,000 dimensions that can be sawn, milled and ground to our customers desired dimensions. This service makes it even easier to further process the material and save on unnecessary storage costs.

As versatile as our steel range is, steel itself is a versatile and changeable material.

It is not only suitable for major projects in the industry, e.g., in tool and mold making, but also for the smallest detail projects, such as jewelry making.

In cooperation with Mr. Boris Müller, founder of Erosch jewelry, we have followed the journey of our Stainless Steel 304, straight from the self at our production site, to the manufactured chain pendant.

Which metal is suitable for jewelry making?

We are all familiar with the common metals used in the manufacturing of jewelry. These include, for example, silver, gold, or platinum. But another and mostly underestimated metal for jewelry making is stainless steel, which is why our partner Erosch turned to us - ABRAMS Industries®.

Which types of stainless steel can be used for jewelry?

304 Stainless Steel is a corrosion resistant, austenitic chromium-nickel-steel which is easy to work with and has an attractive appearance when polished to a mirror finish. This steel grade has an excellent deep drawing property, is weldable and wear resistant, which makes it extremely suitable for manufacturing fashionable jewelry.

Orders of quality steel from ABRAMS Industries®.

Orders are received daily at our headquarter and forwarded to our production department.

So, when we received the order from Erosch Manufaktur, the order was quickly processed: 304 Stainless Steel produced to the requested specifications given by Mr. Müller.

The journey begins: 304 Stainless Steel made to measure 

First, the right
material is selected
according to the

The raw panel is

… and milled to
the desired
of our customer.

The processed material
is then subjected to a
quality inspection.

Shipping of the steel 

Stainless Steel pendant made of ABRAMS Industries steel

The material is 
carefully wrapped 
in protective 

… and labelled with
the ABRAMS banderole.
Then it's off to the customer!

Just one day
after dispatch,
Mr. Boris Müller
personally accepts the parcel.

The material is inspected
and passes the inspection.

What is EDM when manufacturing a chain pendant from stainless steel?

Firstly, the holes for the
eyelets are made with
start-hole EDM. They
will be important later
to attach the pendant
to the chain. 

Now the steel chain
pendants are eroded
from the block on the
wire eroding machine.
The letter-side is cut first.

The material is then
rotated 90° and the
heart is eroded.

After the pendants
have been eroded,
the eyelets are
rounded off by hand
with a grinder.

Now the pendants
are electropolished
and checked individually
and precisely by hand.

The silver pendants
are ready. If desired,
they can be gold-
plated ...

... hard gold plated
with real gold.
Rosé ...

… or yellow gold.

After a final quality
check, the pendants,
with or without a chain,
are packaged.

The parcel is then
sent to the proud
new owners.

What does our customised steel mean for the industry?

We are especially interested in collaborations like this at ABRAMS Industries®, as it is a matter close to our hearts to work together with similar companies. This  way, we are not only supporting each other, but also drive the domestic economy.

We are delighted with the cooperation with Erosch and this wonderful resulting blog article to give an insight into the further uses of our steels. A huge thank you to Boris Müller, for providing the photos and the great collaboration, which we greatly appreciate.

Steel can be so much more than most people think. Furthermore we are extremely happy to share such a success story, to offer an even better picture of our industry and to give the diversity of our products a stage.

Additional info: How do I clean jewellery made of stainless steel?

Since it is a corrosion-resistant steel, it is advisable to clean the pendants carefully with water and a little soap. Afterwards, it is important to rinse the piece thoroughly so that the protective layer is not attacked and the piece of jewellery remains like new for as long as possible.
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