Hannover Messe 2023 – Review by ABRAMS Group Osnabrueck

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What is Hannover Messe?

The Hannover Messe started in 1947 as the “Export Fair 1947 Hannover”. This laid the foundation for the event we know today. Since then, the fair has been held every spring at the Hanover Fairground in Hanover, Lower Saxony, and is the most important capital goods fair.

When will the Hannover Messe 2023 take place?

The industrial fair in Hannover took place from 17th – 21st April.

The joint booth of ABRAMS Industries® and ABRAMS world trade wiki was in Hall 17, under H23. We set up camp directly between Microsoft and Google and were thus in the best company.


What will be shown at Hannover Messe 2023?

Over 66,400 visitors on site – Over 14,700 visitors online – Over 2,500 exhibitors – Over 150 start-ups – Over 8,000 products.

It’s all about industrial transformation – from new technologies to amazing innovations and products. The trade fair management set specific themes for the week: CO2-neutral production, energy management, Industry 4.0, AI & machine learning, hydrogen & fuel cells.

This year also strongly focused on politics. For example, Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Federal Minister of Economics and Climate Action Robert Habeck were at the fair to take part in the discourse.

HM 23 offers the perfect opportunity to reach the people who can benefit most from our products. For example, two-thirds of the visitors are involved in investment decisions and can therefore have a significant influence on purchasing decisions, if not close deals on their own.


The ABRAMS Group at Hannover Messe 2023

ABRAMS Industries® DE were exhibitors!

For us, this fair was an important opportunity to represent not only ABRAMS Industries® DE but also ABRAMS world trade wiki. Due to the international audience from various industries, there were a lot of potential customers for both companies and we did not miss out on the opportunity to show the advantages of using both companies.

ABRAMS Industries® was able to shine with our wide range of Premium SteelPremium Aluminium and Premium Tools in a variety of finishes and sizes, as well as our patented ABRAMS Steel Guide®. Meanwhile, ABRAMS world trade wiki impressed with information about suppliers, customers, competitors, supply chains and unprecedented insights into other companies.

It was really nice to see how excited people got over our products!


#HM23 – Day 1

The excitement is building!

The ABRAMS Group is based in Osnabrueck, so our team didn’t have to travel too far to Hanover. However, we left very early in the morning to prepare the last remaining bits.

So much work and preparation has gone into the event over the last few weeks, and we were so excited to finally get it started!

Our team kicked off the fair highly motivated, proudly presenting our products and answering all of our visitors’ questions.

A big highlight of this day was the visit of Meike Sauer at our stand. She is part of Deutsche Messe AG, which is one of the five largest German trade fair companies and an organiser of capital goods trade fairs in Germany and abroad.


#HM23 – Day 2

Old and new faces!

To our great pleasure, our CEO Dr. Jürgen Abrams supported us at our booth on the second day of the event. He was able to shine with his years of knowledge and expertise as the founder of both ABRAMS Industries® and ABRAMS world trade wiki, and to wow people with insights into both companies.

It was nice to see that our team was so in their element. They were not afraid to approach all kinds of people and invite them to our stand. This often led to the most interesting conversations! Many didn’t even know at first how much they could benefit from our products, but left our booth completely enthusiastic.

We were especially happy about the visit of Igor Gladkov, Director of the European Technology Chamber EUTECH!

#HM23 – Day 3

Time flies!

We couldn’t believe that half of the fair would be over by the end of the day. In the meantime, each of our team members had found their rhythm. For example, many people came to our booth because one of our employees had approached them in a different hall and they wanted to see our products firsthand.

Especially our ABRAMS Steel Guide® was a big hit with visitors! 

Among others, we had the pleasure of welcoming Vineet Kapoor from GHM Messtechnik GmbHDr. Volker Müller from Lower Saxony Business Association and Holger von der LindenCarsten Höffer and Nina Geilenkirchen from Van Leeuwen Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and show them our world.


#HM23 – Day 4

Contract deals and orders.

What would a trade fair be without doing business? We were extremely pleased to see that contracts were concluded at ABRAMS world trade wiki and orders and commissions were received directly at the ABRAMS Industries® DE booth. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our customer from Raychem RPG and all of those who supported us from home in the office and made these contracts possible. Without the teamwork of so many different parties, this week would not have been possible.

#HM23 – Day 5

A thank you.

The last day was the last opportunity to make this week even better. Our whole team gave their best, whether directly at the stand or with an iPad and brochure in hand in all the other halls.

A nice surprise was that Jim Morgan from 42Q came by our stand once again and brought us a gift in the form of lion mascots! We will definitely cherish them forever.

It was easy to agree that our first time at Hannover Messe really couldn’t have gone any better and that it has laid the foundation for even better years to come.

We want to thank everyone who took the time to talk to us and especially for all the compliments. Be it for our products or our presentation at the trade fair, it has shown us that our hard work has paid off and that it was a good decision to attend with both companies.

A huge thank you to our team who gave their all throughout the week: Ole LindnerZaklina Radulovic and Lisa-Marie Fricke from ABRAMS Industries® DE, as well as Stefan Frindert, Karl Fonje, Katrin SpreckelmeyerIrina GordeevaCarmen Martín und Jay Kim from ABRAMS world trade wiki.

Especially to our CEO Dr. Jürgen Abrams and our COO Nur H. Nezir, who gave everything and shared their experience and expertise with our visitors.

And of course, to all those who stayed in the office and actively supported us from there during and before the fair.

Hannover Messe 2024 will take place from 22nd – 26th April at the Hanover Fairground.

ABRAMS Industries® DE will definitely be back.

See you next year!


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