Tour of the steel mill – GMH Group – ABRAMS Industries® DE

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Employees of ABRAMS Industries® DE as guests at the Origin!


What is the Georgsmarienhütte GmbH?

The Georgsmarienhütte GmbH is part of the Georgmarienhütte Group. It has 26 subsidiaries and is managed by the Georgmarienhütte Holding GmbH in Georgsmarienhütte.
The GMH Group offers bar steel and raw steel made of quality and engineering steels and is a leading supplier in this field in Europe. Their materials and products form the base for various industries with many different uses, especially in the automotive sector.

Regional steel mills in the area of Osnabrück.

Divided into two groups, several ABRAMS Industries employees went to the steel mill of the Georgsmarienhütte GmbH. As a partner of the GMH Group, it was a great pleasure for us to be given a guided tour of the plant and to follow the steel production process. An important aspect of this was also to give our employees, some of whom came from other sectors, a better understanding of how the steel is made.

The melting of steel in the steel mill.

So, changed into protective gear, we went into the steel plant. A major highlight was the melting process at the start of the tour. With the help of an electric arc furnace a large amount of pre-sorted scrap metal is melted down and processed into liquid steel at the plant in Georgsmarienhütte.

Environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly steel production.

One of the distinguishing features of the entire GMH Group is its strong commitment to environmental awareness and protection. When purchasing electricity to power the electric arc furnace, attention has been paid to make it an ecological mix, and the heat generated by the melting process is also used to heat the plant or given to the city for district heating. As a partner, we are of course particularly pleased to support environmentally friendly companies. Therefore, the GMH Group's "Green Steel" concept also fits in with the environmentally conscious values of the ABRAMS Group.

Alloying the steel.

The tapping flows into large pans where it is given its final desired alloys, if required, before being poured into the continuous casting plant. This process could be observed at close range: The hot strands ran through under the control bridge, which brought the hall properly up to temperature due to the heat they gave off.

Further processing of the steel strands.

We continued through to the "final bar steel department", where the steel strands are sorted and allowed to cool before they are stored as raw blocks or raw bars, sold, or loaded and transported to the company's own Rolling Mill for further processing into steel rods. In the Rolling Mill, the steel is reheated to the correct temperature to be pressed between rollers into the desired shape. It is possible for the mill to roll different diameters and to cater precisely to the customer’s requirements. Georgsmarienhütte GmbH is, in its own words, "Europe's leading supplier of bar steel and raw steel made of quality and engineering steels". Before each bar is delivered, it is subjected to a spectrometer analysis as a final quality test. Only then is the steel sawn to the lengths required by the customers.

Conclusion to our tour of the GMH GmbH steel mill.

During the almost two-hour visit, our employees collected almost 10,000 steps in the many halls on the vast company premises. The process, from melting to casting to the final operation, was an impressive experience for everyone and once again clearly sharpened everyone's senses to steel.

Many thanks again for the guided tour, which the GMH Group made possible for us.
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